Dolby introduces new and improved Spatial Audio feature for developers

New Spatial Placement capability will enable developers and businesses to build more lifelike listening experiences into their apps and services

SAN FRANCISCO – November 10, 2021 – Dolby Laboratories, Inc, (NYSE DLB) a leader in immersive entertainment experiences, today introduced the new and improved Spatial Audio feature, now with Spatial Placement, as part of the Communications SDK. Available in closed beta, Spatial Placement enables developers to place audio objects anywhere within a virtualized three-dimensional space. With the addition of the Spatial Placement capability, the Communications SDK – powered by the award-winning Dolby Voice technology – will help businesses and developers build high-fidelity, natural, real-time audio and communications experiences. To learn more and sign up for the closed beta, please visit:  


The way people interact online – and work – has fundamentally changed. For consumers and members of distributed workforces, mono audio and basic voice capabilities are no longer sufficient for an online populace that increasingly demands higher quality, lifelike experiences.  


With the improved Spatial Audio feature, developers and businesses can go beyond the traditionally flat nature of virtual conversations to configure and place audio exactly where it’s supposed to sound. Whether it’s an online classroom, a video conference, or even a performance, the addition of Spatial Placement makes it so that, for example, if a speaker is on the left side of the screen, that’s where the listener hears them speak. This kind of technology can help participants of these virtualized environments engage in more natural conversation and better understand each other.  


“People are yearning for more lifelike experiences in their professional and day-to-day online activities,” said Paul Boustead, Vice President of Product and Architecture,, Dolby Laboratories. “With the new and improved Spatial Audio feature, we’re continuing to expand the scope of opportunity for businesses and developers who want to build experiences that sound incredible. We can’t wait to hear what they come up with.”  


Spatial Audio is a feature of the Communications SDK and will support Video Calls, Voice Calls, and Call Recording. It offers the following benefits:  



Assign each sound file or source to a specific location in a virtualized, three-dimensional space inside of a web or mobile application.  



Map to any cartesian coordinate system for use in building and placing audio inside an application.  


No added costs 

Access the new Spatial Audio feature at no additional cost. Simply enable the feature within the Communications SDK.  already allows Boardroom One to provide dynamic, real-time, and crystal-clear conversations, where no one gets cut off and speakers engage in a much more natural discussion.” said Pablos Holman, founder of Boardroom One. “We can’t wait to try out the new and improved Spatial Audio feature in order to deliver a user experience closer to real-life conversation.” 


To learn more and sign up for the Spatial Placement closed beta, please visit: 



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