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The first wireless headphones perfected for home entertainment

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SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 14, 2018  -- Building on its heritage as an innovator in entertainment technology, Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: DLB) is introducing a new way to experience shows, movies, and music with Dolby Dimension — the first wireless headphones perfected for home entertainment.

Streaming services have fundamentally changed the way consumers watch and listen to their entertainment. There is more premium content available than ever before and consumers are accessing it at all times, across multiple devices. 

With Dolby Dimension, consumers can be fully immersed with cinematic sound, while staying connected to their important everyday life moments, all while binge watching their favorite hit series on Netflix, iTunes, or Amazon Prime Video.

Dolby LifeMix is a proprietary new technology central to the Dolby Dimension experience. It allows consumers to control how much they hear of their surroundings — from a perfect blend of their entertainment and life around them (Transparency) to shutting out the world (Active Noise Cancellation).

“Dolby’s true north is uniting the art and science of entertainment, elevating the creators’ ability to tell their stories and enabling consumers to be immersed in spectacular experiences,” said Kevin Yeaman, President and CEO, Dolby Laboratories. “Today we continue that journey with the introduction of Dolby Dimension.”

Dolby Dimension eliminates the days of “volume rodeos” consumers often have in turning the volume up and down so as not to disturb others, and the days of “read watching” with subtitles because the volume is so low consumers can’t hear dialogue. There is no need to watch with one ear cup off or go to a separate room because they want to watch something different from their partner or roommate. Instead, consumers can fully immerse themselves in entertainment whenever they want.

Key Features and Availability

Dolby Dimension introduces an array of revolutionary features:

  • Dolby LifeMix — Gives people the power to control how much they hear of their surroundings, from a perfect blend of their entertainment and life around them to shutting out the world.
  • Cinematic Sound — Dolby brings its longstanding expertise of inventing spectacular sound technologies for the cinema to headphones — sound that makes people feel more immersed in their shows, movies, and music than ever before.
  • One-Touch Switching — Seamlessly switch between screens with ease. Tap one of three Source Buttons on the right earcup to instantly change source devices, whether it’s a Bluetooth-enabled TV, computer, tablet, or phone.

Premium materials, fit and finish, and intuitive touch controls all come together to ensure long-lasting comfort for binge sessions, allowing people to relax and escape for long periods of time with total peace of mind. Custom-designed 40mm acoustic drivers, an advanced microphone array, and proprietary signal processing help consumers immerse themselves in their shows like never before — all while allowing them to stay present where it matters most.

Additionally, the Dolby Dimension app, available for free on iOS and Android platforms, allows people to adjust key features — such as Dolby LifeMix, Virtualization, and Head Tracking — and manage paired devices. The included Power Base gives their Dolby Dimension a home within their home, keeping it charged while not in use and easily accessible for the next binge session. Intuitive Touch Controls on Dolby Dimension let people toggle LifeMix, hit play or pause, adjust volume, go forward or back, activate Siri or Google Assistant, and take calls — all without having to pick up a remote or their source device.

Dolby Dimension will be available for $599 (US) in the United States beginning today at Experience it in select b8ta stores starting December 1st.

Visit to learn what makes Dolby Dimension unlike anything ever heard before.

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