Dolby Voice Room Changes the Way You Experience Meetings

SAN FRANCISCO, March 08, 2018 -- Furthering its mission to create spectacular experiences, Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE:DLB) today announced a new and innovative video conferencing solution, Dolby Voice® Room, for huddle rooms and small conference rooms. With the intelligence to flex to the changing needs of the workforce, Dolby Voice Room will bring affordable, simple, and amazing audiovisual experiences to the workplace.

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Dolby Voice Room is a new and innovative video conferencing solution for huddle rooms and small conference rooms. With the intelligence to flex to the changing needs of the workforce, it brings affordable, simple, and amazing audiovisual experiences to the workplace.

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Dolby Voice Room is a new and innovative video conferencing solution for huddle rooms and small conference rooms. It is easy to install, manage, and use while providing an amazing, natural, and productive meeting experience.

As the business world continues to evolve and moves toward varied, sophisticated, and challenging collaboration scenarios and environments, a lot of critical work is now happening in huddle spaces. According to research from Frost & Sullivan, only two percent out of the millions of huddle rooms globally are video enabled. Providers are trying to keep up with this growing market by quickly patching together new technologies creating increased complexity and lower quality. Often, the result is a mediocre experience that frustrates people, hampers productivity, and slows adoption. To make matters worse, this can come at an unnecessarily high cost to purchase and manage.

“As huddle-room collaboration grows exponentially, businesses are demanding a solution that is simple to manage while providing a compelling experience to end users,” said Roopam Jain, Industry Director, Frost & Sullivan. “Dolby is well positioned to capitalize on this opportunity through its expertise in delivering spectacular audio-visual experiences across the cinema, the home, on the go, and now on the job.” 

“To make collaboration experiences better, we needed to make the technology work harder for users,” said Andrew Border, Vice President, Communications Business Group, Dolby Laboratories. “Leveraging our expertise in the fields of human perception, machine learning, engineering, and design, Dolby Voice Room was built with the ability to flex to human needs in a way that is simple to use by participants and IT while also delivering a dramatically better experience.”

Dolby Voice Room is an easy to install, manage, and use solution that intelligently flexes to various scenarios to provide an amazing, natural, and productive meeting experience. It overcomes key challenges faced by meeting participants and IT that hamper productivity such as unintelligible audio, shadowy video, distracting background noise, poorly framed views of participants, and confusing interfaces on jumbled hardware kits.

The Dolby® Conference Phone is the centerpiece of the solution. More than a phone, it’s the ideal audio and control center for video conferencing. It combines amazing sound quality that accommodates diverse meeting spaces with a sleek user interface to start and manage meetings. Joining the Dolby Conference Phone is the Dolby Voice Camera and Dolby Voice Hub. With these components you have a complete solution that can be installed in as little as 15 minutes.

User and management benefits:

Elegant and intuitive user experience that supports more use cases with fewer devices and allows participants to join, engage, and share content with fewer touches.Simplified setup and deployment through intelligent hardware design, minimal components, and automated deployment tools that save IT time.Remote device management enables IT to monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot device behavior more easily and efficiently.

Key audiovisual attributes:

Dynamic leveling continuously maps room sound to distinguish between speakers and noise, cancels out common room distractions like HVAC or projector hum, and boosts the sound of quiet or distant participants so that everyone is heard.HDR (high dynamic range) video mapping adjusts the image to different lighting situations to provide a high-quality representation of the room, overcoming muddled or washed-out images.Intelligent scene framing adjusts the framing of the image to give everyone the most relevant view of the meeting by automatically and noiselessly zooming in or out and panning as needed to provide the best view of the meeting.Whiteboard view provides exceptional clarity and visibility to remote participants ­— even when the whiteboard is adjacent to the camera — while ghosting out people as they move in front of the board to aid in legibility.

By shifting the burden of seamless workplace collaboration experiences from people to technology, Dolby Voice Room adapts to diverse workspaces and work styles while providing advanced features, typically only found in very expensive and complicated systems, in a simple and affordable solution.

Dolby Voice Room is expected to be available later this spring to BlueJeans and Highfive customers.

Experience the benefits of Dolby Voice Room with this short video.

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