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Iconic ODEON Leicester Square Undergoes Significant Transformation to Become the UK’s First Dolby Cinema

LONDON, Nov. 27, 2018 -- ODEON Leicester Square, Europe’s most iconic film premiere venue, is being transformed to provide the ultimate cinematic experience for film lovers. The UK’s first Dolby Cinema will feature 400 Dolby Atmos speakers and spectacular Dolby Vision technology.

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A behind-the-scenes sneak peek of ODEON Leicester Square, which is undergoing an exciting refurbishment and set to open at Christmas as the UK's first Dolby Cinema. The 800-seat auditorium will offer movie-goers an immersive cinematic experience, in utmost luxurious style and comfort. Photo: Anthony Upton/PA Wire.

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ODEON Leicester Square brings Dolby Cinema to UK’s cinema-goers for the first time. Featuring a Dolby Vision dual laser projection system and Dolby Atmos immersive audio, every person in the 800-seat auditorium will receive a spectacular cinematic experience. Photo: Anthony Upton/PA Wire

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Julian Stanford, Senior Director, Dolby Cinema Europe, and Carol Welch, UK MD ODEON, give a behind-the-scenes sneak preview of the transformation of ODEON Leicester Square. Europe’s most iconic cinema will reopen this Christmas, offering UK movie-goers the immersive magic of Dolby Cinema for the first time. Photo: Anthony Upton/PA Wire.

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