Naver launches world’s first Dolby Vision-capable live commerce content, opening a New World for online shopping

Dolby Vision brings online shopping closer to the in-person experience by giving shoppers a more lifelike video experience with brighter, more accurate colors and richer details

Seoul, Korea, April 14, 2022 – Naver launched a brand-new “Naver Shopping Live” content powered by Dolby Vision imaging technology for the first time in the world. This integration opens new possibilities for how Dolby Vision can be used, while providing customers a new type of virtual shopping experience.


Dolby Vision is an industry-leading imaging technology developed by Dolby Laboratories and is embraced by the world’s top creatives. It delivers ultravivid picture quality filled with incredible brightness, contrast, color, and detail. Dolby Vision expands the palette of colors from millions to billions and provides a brightness range up to 100x brighter than a standard video. This results in deeper contrast, lifelike hues, rich detail, and more textures that bring videos to life. 


Naver Shopping Live presents the world’s first live commerce content with Dolby Vision, enhancing the experience of consumers and sellers. For sellers and brands, Dolby Vision is a powerful tool for bringing to life the details that make their products unique and are key to the in-person shopping experience, but are difficult to capture and reproduce online -  things like colors, textures, materials, and more. Dolby Vision also ensures that videos are recreated accurately and consistently across almost every type of device and playback scenario where shoppers enjoy Naver content, so sellers can be confident that viewers are seeing the products the way they intend. 


For shoppers, this means an overall improved online shopping experience by bringing more of the benefits of in-person shopping to ecommerce. 


“Dolby Vision takes our user experience to a new level as it can reproduce vivid colors and textures of products in various industries, like beauty and fashion, where delivering a product’s appearance accurately is critical. We remain committed to developing and advancing technologies to lead the live commerce ecosystem,” said Cho Seong-tak, E-Labs Lead, Naver.


“With demand for live commerce increasing sharply, it is very significant for us to provide high-quality live streaming content never experienced before along with Naver Shopping Live, the nation’s largest live commerce platform, for the first time in the world. Dolby Vision, which provides a more realistic online shopping experience by showcasing real hues and textures of the products, will break new ground in the live commerce industry.     ” said Sang Ho Lee, Country Manager at Dolby Laboratories Korea.


Dolby Vision will be applied first to video content produced at an exclusive studio for Naver Shopping Live, and then will be expanded to other general Shopping Live content. Users can enjoy Shopping Live content in Dolby Vision on diverse enabled devices, through the Naver app for Android or iOS, and Safari browser for Mac OS, while viewing on supported devices. 


Naver Shopping Live, a live commerce platform released by Naver in 2020, achieved 700 million cumulative views and about KRW 500 billion in cumulative transaction volume in just 16 months since its launch, positioning itself as the nation’s leading live commerce channel. The newly launched app offers greater user convenience with Naver technologies, including artificial intelligence-based personalized recommendation and AR commerce, in addition to the existing high-speed live streaming, ultra-low latency and automatic captioning features. 


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